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Macarons - Salted Caramel Filling

Salted Caramel Macarons

Super hot weather really help me to try this renyah-melekit-lekit pemanis mulut. Alhamdullilah its turn out good and mak jadi sangat bersemangat tetiba. Kuikuikui

Ok the truth is..pic belah kiri tu menunjukkan macarons yang terhasil daripada orang yang malas nak blend and sift the ground almond. Sebab tak puashati tengok menggerutu gitu, dengan bersemangat nya aku buat another batch. Which i blend again and sift. Hasilnya......smooth surface. 

Resepi aku follow from Kak Rima. Blog dia da diprivatekan. Alaaa.....i will miss all her recipe. She's really inspired me. Tak apelah instagram masih ada.

Swiss Meringue
80g egg white (at room temperature)
65g caster sugar
80g ground almond
140g icing sugar
1/2tsp lemon juice
orange yellow colouring powder (i did 2 batches.. used purple in the other batch)
Swiss Meringue Macarons:
1. Line 3 to 4 baking trays with silicon sheet. (i used baking sheet)
2. Use a round cookies cutter, press it into some cocoa powder or flour.
3. Use the cookies cutter to make some round imprint on the silicon sheet and set aside.
4. Sift icing sugar and almond together and set aside.
5. Pour sugar and egg white into a heatproof pan and place it over a saucepan of simmering water.
6. Stir constantly until sugar has dissolved and the mixture is warm to the touch (about 50 to 55C).
7. Pour the egg white and lemon juice into the mixing bowl with the whisk attachment and beat on medium-high speed until soft peaks then add in the powder colouring. (this time i used purple and yellow - shud hv added more powder as it turned out to be pastel purple lol)
8. Continue to beat until the egg white has cooled down and it look smooth and shiny. (medium peak but not dry)
9. Fold in the sifted mixture in 4 portions into the meringue. Do not over fold batter until it turn watery, batter should be slightly thicker than cake batter.(I hv tried dumping the sifted mixture all at once.. it works too)
10.Spoon batter into a piping bag and pipe it within the round imprint which had made earlier on.
11.Let the macarons to rest for 30mins.
12.Preheat oven to 150C.
13.Bake a tray at a time for 20-25mins, depend on individual oven. (i baked mine for 12mins)
14.Remove macarons and cool on a wire rack. (if ur having difficulty removing shell, spray a little water (mist) under baking sheet.. let it sit for a few sec and peel it off)
Untuk fillings i used salted caramel recipe from here


2 cups granulated sugar
12 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature, cut into pieces
1 cup heavy cream, at room temperature
1 tablespoon fleur de sel (or any other flaky sea salt)


1. Add the sugar in an even layer over the bottom of a heavy saucepan, with a capacity of at least 2 or 3 quarts. Heat the sugar over medium-high heat, whisking it as it begins to melt. You'll see that the sugar will begin to form clumps, but that's okay. Just keep whisking and as it continues to cook, they will melt back down.

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